Nautical Inspired Ideas for Bathroom Interiors

Nautical Inspired Ideas for Bathroom Interiors

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There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the delicate sand between your toes and that aromatic scent of sea salt lingering in the air. By adding a nautical inspired theme to your bathroom, you’ll almost be able to feel that holiday atmosphere and create the perfect space to sit back, relax and escape. With a mixture of blues and whites, along with distressed wood and delicate features, your bathroom can become the perfect space to escape the real world, just for a little while. We’ve gathered some inspirational ideas for you to introduce a nautical touch to your interiors and create a hidden treasure within your home.

Colour and Theme

There are two main colours that create the perfect nautical theme, a soft, pale blue and white. By adding these two colours to your bathroom’s walls, ceiling and flooring you can create a really, strong look that almost makes you feel like you’re on holiday. The great thing about introducing blues to the interiors is that, whilst a pale blue works best as the main colour, you can introduce deeper, darker blues through accessories and other detailing. Sticking to the nautical colour theme will ensure you create the right feel with the right atmosphere.


One of the most popular materials used to create that nautical theme is distressed wood. Wooden floorboards and wooden panels work beautifully to capture that nautical feel and create the perfect feel. White boards are best for keeping the room fresh and bright, and adding distressed wood to the floor, half way up the walls and through shelving and units works really well. You often find that there is a whole selection of different furniture pieces such as sideboards and cabinets for the bathroom that will enhance the nautical feel.

Upcycle a Mirror

Many nautical style rooms see a combination of distressed wood, shutters and shells. These simple yet key features are what makes you feel like you’re on holiday and not just in the bathroom! One great way to add character and embrace the nautical theme is to upcycle an old mirror. Whilst the mirror may not seem particularly nautical-themed at the moment, you can transform it onto the perfect piece for your bathroom. Purchase some white, wooden shutters that are the same length as your mirror and get some parliament hinges. Attaching the shutters to your mirror using the parliament hinges will enable you to open the shutters to a 180-degree angle and use the mirror properly. You can then close off the mirror and have the shutters adding to the nautical theme. This is perfect for smaller bathrooms that may need features to be multi-purpose!

Add Character and Personality

Like any room in the home, it’s important to have character and personality flowing throughout your interiors. It can often be difficult to keep the personality in the room when you stick to a theme, as you may find it hard to put your own stamp onto it, but there are a handful of different ways in which you can inject personal touches whilst keeping to the theme you’ve chosen.  Introducing nautical touches such as lighthouses, anchors and the ships wheel will really help to emphasise the theme you’ve chosen. You can then look to introduce personal touches through items such as photographs, artwork and scented candles. These delicate touches will help you to keep your interiors flowing, whilst sticking to the nautical theme.

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