Interior Painting Tips

Interior Painting Tips

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Nothing changes the look and feel of a room like a fresh coat of paint. Have you been living in the same drab space for too long and need some inspiration. All too often people are paralyzed by making a decision on paint color. Put it in perspective. Deciding on a name for a baby is a big decision. Spending a day and $20 on a gallon paint isn’t. Select a light shade that compliments the rooms within the site line of the space designated for fresh paint.  For the best results, follow these recommendations from the professionals.

Proper preparation is the key to a good paint job.  Take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon and purchase a comfortable cotton shirt from Champs Sports and designate it as your painting shirt. Remove all paintings and art from the walls. Lightly spackle the nail holes if you’re confident you won’t be returning the art in the same location. Applying a fresh coat of paint is also an opportunity to jazz up your space by rearranging furniture and artwork. Remove all the furnishing from the room. If some pieces are too large, be sure to cover them with sheets or tarps.  If the weather permits, open a window to allow paint fumes to release.

Tape the ceilings molding and baseboard molding. This is time consuming, but unless you are a professional painter and confident in our ability to paint a straight line and not drip, it’s totally worth it. Start with a quality three inch angled brush and lightly brush paint approximately six inches from all trim work. This will allow much faster rolling. When the brush work is complete one wall, begin to apply the paint with a roller. Attaching a broom stick to the handle will allow the job to be completed much faster. Roll in cross sections vertically to ensure smooth application. Repeat on reaming walls. Enjoy your newly painted space!

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