Important facts about in home care for seniors

Important facts about in home care for seniors

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A lot of seniors who are past the age of sixty can sometimes require extra help for their household chores. They may be strong enough to live but may not have the strength to do their daily work all by themselves. This is where they will need In home senior care. Living in a nursing home is definitely not the first option for any senior. They would always want to live in a familiar environment in their own home where they have lived for so long. Thus having a person to help running errands will be the best option for many.

Why is this service essential?

In home care for seniors is quite essential as it assists them in living their life in a normal way. Especially, for those who are living all alone, it becomes almost an imperative to hire personal care to assist them in preparing meals, help in shopping, going to the bank and running all sorts of errands that the seniors are unable to do by themselves. This also enables them to live independently and with dignity without depending on any relative or friends. The best part of this in home service is that if you can find out the best it may cost you less than the expenses of a full-time nursing home care.


Types of in home care for seniors

Generally, in home care services are divided into two major divisions.

  1. Medical care support
  2. Personal care support

A lot of seniors may require post-operative support or therapies. Some would need long-term treatment assistance for certain chronic diseases. Seniors with paralysis also require assistance in different types of physical therapies and treatments. For these requirements, you can hire medical support which provides you with a nurse who is qualified and skilled enough to handle and treat the patient. Generally, these nurses are hired on an hourly basis just for therapies and treatments.

However, the seniors would mostly require personal car support that would include almost everything that is required for living. Personal care involves bathing assistance, assistance in preparing meals, housekeeping, laundry, shopping and running any other errands for the day. They are caregivers who can be hired on an hourly basis or for fulltime as per your requirement.

And lastly

These support services are essential for most elders as they live alone. Once your hire in home caregiver, you know you are in safe hands and your work will be done perfectly.