Extending Swimming Season: Investing in a Pool Heater

Extending Swimming Season: Investing in a Pool Heater

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After thousands of dollars have been poured into the installation of a pool, being able to use it for only one-fifth of the year is heartbreaking. That is, however, without a pool heater. Incorporating a heater into the design of a pool can extend the swim season far beyond the autumn equinox.

Energy Conservation Despite More Power

Even though electricity and energy are required to operate pool heaters, perfecting water temperatures require less energy than you think. A steady pool temperature encourages fuel conservation and a longer pool season. It doesn’t matter if your pool heater is gas- or solar-powered, your swim season can be doubled or even tripled in length with a heater.

Heating a pool and conserving energy doesn’t have to stop at just one device. To take full advantage of season extension, combine the efforts of more than one tool to optimise the pool temperature and get the most out of the summer. Depending on where you live, you may be able to keep your pool open year round. The benefits of installing a pool heater go far beyond an extended swim season, though. They include easy cardiovascular exercise, comfort when temperatures drop, and safe temperatures for injury recovery efforts.

Colder water temperatures prevent the ability to use aquatic therapy for injury rehabilitation or degenerative bone issues. A warm temperature provides a less painful mobile experience.

Solar Cover Combination

Combining tools like a solar cover and a pool heater will lengthen your pool season for three to six more weeks. Solar covers are designed to absorb the day’s sunlight and keep that heat in throughout the night. Even if you don’t dip your toes in your pool for a few days, you won’t have to worry about the temperature shock.

A pool covering can reduce the amount of warmth lost by 50%. Solar covers provide an energy-efficient and natural way of maintaining the pool’s perfect temperature. In return, heaters won’t have to work as hard to maintain a set temperature. When the temperature drops, solar covers can still absorb heat from the sun’s light and apply it to the water, extending the swim season for a few more weeks.

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Health Benefits of a Heated Pool

Temperatures outside may be rising, but that doesn’t stop the young and elderly from getting sick. Keeping the pool open when the temperatures drop may be a bit riskier regarding health, but the proper pool tools can bring resolution.

Without the proper heating instruments in a pool, repeated chilling may occur and can trigger respiratory issues. Adolescent swimmers have underdeveloped immune systems as they aren’t finished growing, and can be a primary target for respiratory infections regardless of their current health.

Seniors are also a target for cold-induced lung issues because of their weakened immune systems. Even though swimmers may not feel chilly, their skin and organs may feel differently. A steady and warm pool temperature will prevent illnesses from targeting susceptible immune systems. A pool heating mechanism is essential for those wanting to increase the longevity of the swim season without compromising their health.


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