Adding Space To Your Home Instead Of Moving

Adding Space To Your Home Instead Of Moving

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Moving home can be one of the most stressful things you can do in life. It can also be expensive, and with a huge boom in the property market, many people simply can’t afford to move right now. That’s why so many are looking at options such as expanding their existing space. This could be through an extension, a loft conversion, or a refurbishment to make the most out of your space. Here are some of the advantages of each, so you can decide what will work for your property.

the advantages of each

Saving money

You might think an expansion would be an expensive addition, but you’ll be surprised at how affordable it can be. Get some quotes and you’ll soon see that it compares favourably when you consider the cost of moving.

Moving house can be expensive as you’ll have expenses like:

  • Extending your mortgage to buy an expensive property
  • Stamp duty on the sale of your home
  • Hiring a removals team
  • Fees for estate agents, surveyors etc.

mortgage to buy

When you add up these expenses, it may make sense to improve your current home rather than deciding to move. You could get quotes for loft conversions in London, and come up with a pros and cons list to decide whether expanding your current property would be right for you.

Attachment to an area

You may be well settled in your home, as well as liking the area, but not be able to afford to buy a bigger place. There are lots of things that keep you attached to an area, from your child’s school to your doctor’s surgery, and it can be a real pain to change things like this. By expanding your home rather than moving, you can ignore all these pitfalls, and avoid the inconvenience that moving to a new area can bring.

moving to a new area

Increasing home value

While you might not want to sell right now, many people worry about the value of their home, and look for ways to improve it in the long term. By adding an extra room in a loft, or perhaps converting a garage, you can really add value to your home, as well as enjoying the space it brings.

Extra bedrooms

Whether you’re having another child, or have always wanted a guest room, there are lots of reasons why you might want an extra bedroom. However, it can be expensive to upgrade to a bigger home, for example there’s a big price difference between a two bedroom and a three bedroom house. That’s why conversions and extensions are becoming so popular, and allow you to upgrade your home with ease.

Home Extra bedrooms

If you’re planning to extend your home, it’s important to get the professionals in to make things easier and to ensure the job is done to the highest standard. By adding extra space to your home, you can enjoy rooms for leisure or storage, as well as being able to accommodate a growing family, all without the hassle of having to move house.

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