A Diverse Range of Wall Panelling

A Diverse Range of Wall Panelling

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To create a beautiful room, think about having wall panelling installed. Online firms have a diverse range of decorative, lightweight and surface panels for inside and outside the home. These panels can be used for:-

  • Ceilings
  • Bar fronts
  • Walls
  • Outdoor areas

Highly durable and low maintenance means fabulous wall panels will last a lifetime and improve the look of a home, office, restaurant or bar, ripper!

Custom designs and great choices

If you want a custom designed lounge room for instance, let the professionals provide you with superb ideas about wall panelling, no worries. There are textured, smooth and 3D options along with a vast array of gorgeous colours to match your present décor. To get in touch or request a quotation, simply complete an online form with your name, email address, phone number, state and a short message.

For a natural, timeless and earthy look, nothing beats striking wall panelling. For an eye-catching and textured effect, find out more about mica or bluestone surface applications. These will enhance the reflective quality of the panels giving an elegant appearance wherever they are installed.

Different surfaces that don’t crack or deteriorate

For home owners who want to completely change the look of a room, select panelling from a smooth and flat surfaced range. A natural stone can look not only unique but very appealing too, this can be achieved by buying panels that look like:-

  1. Limestone
  2. Granite
  3. Sandstone
  4. Travertine
  5. Marble

Wall Panelling

For a wooden-like surface there are panels that look like wood, feel like wood but in fact aren’t made of wood. These types are:-

  1. Waterproof
  2. Warp-free and will not expand or bow in the heat
  3. Fireproof
  4. Flexible, allowing for curvature
  5. Termite, mould and insect resistant

With many colour options, textures and grains, panelling that has a wood look is practical and very functional.

For something a little different, why not have a concrete look on the walls of a kitchen for instance? Beautiful panels that could be mistaken for concrete are light in weight with a soft shine finish. The good news is when you have any kind of wall panelling installed in the home or office, there’s absolutely no dog’s breakfast left.

A great service every time

You can also expect a great service every time you order wood panelling from online retailers. Experts will work with you to create fantastic panels either for wall art, feature walls or even for headboards in hotels. Existing surfaces will be carefully matched or creative, original designs can be offered. Improve the look of any room with one wall panel or more in various colours of your choice. All panels can be cut with a mitred edge or a straight edge by using a circular saw or tungsten blade.

Wait till your rellies call round to admire your new wall panelling, they’re sure to want the same for their own homes. You betcha!

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